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The Bilakhia Group believes in a strong foundational educational movement to improve our society. We established Mexus, an intuitive education-based technology (Ed-Tech) platform that fosters students' critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It is only through understanding the unique skills of every student and particular way of learning we can achieve phenomenal opportunities for knowledge based growth. Mexus works relentlessly to review its analytics and adjusts the platform to empower the students to continue learning with as little interruption as possible. Mexus also values the feedback from students, educators, professionals, and parents to improve its one-stop learning solution. This deep need to constantly improve using evidence-based research directly reflecte the Bilakhia Group’s commitment to R&D-led technology.

Mexus’ comprehensive educational platform includes:

  • Adaptive practice questions
  • Easy-to-find solutions
  • Core concepts
  • Supportive videos that create a complete learning environment for students

Mexus is an industry leader that leverages modern artificial intelligence (AI) integrations, and machine learning (ML) advances to create a personalized learning pathway at the individual level for millions of student fraternity.

The larger goal of creating Mexus is to make world-class education accessible to all students, regardless of their location, ability, or socio-economical standing. This remarkable partnership allows the Bilakhia Group to grow their business holdings while satisfying the core commitment of improving society at large.