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The Bilakhia Group established the MAA Foundation (MAA meaning ‘mother’) as a charitable, not-for-profit organization designed to facilitate productive educational reforms in our society.

Our unique NGO understand the problems and hurdles faced by the modern Indian education system. The vision of Anjum Bilakhia, Yunus Bilakhia, and Jakir Bilakhia is carried forward by our committed expert team working tirelessly at the grass-root level to induce large-scale reforms. We believe education is a foundational area of change which will have a ripple effect to improve our society at every level. We offer a holistic experience to children and empower them to build a more robust vision for a prosperous life.

The Bilakhia Group initially embarked on this educational reform journey with one district and have studied and learned how to bring that same quality of success across the country. We have now developed scalable, sustainable, process-driven, and result-oriented educational models that allow for easy adoption by the entire school community. Every time we exercise the power of MAA Foundation in new school districts, we make measurable changes in the quality of life of our country.

The MAA Foundation is an experienced blend of a charitable NGO and an industry-leading corporation. Our diverse team includes members of all ages, backgrounds, industries, and ethos, united in their efforts by the unifying idea that improving our educational systems is the key to the future of India. Our team operates at an optimum cost level to achieve maximum returns to society. The foundation works closely with the government to maintain the highest efficiency and accountability in planning, executing, and monitoring all projects.

The Bilakhia Group believes in social accountability measurements that maximize the benefits to society in the form of compounded returns. The best way for us to prove our methods is to show measurable improvements in the abilities of the student fraternity, teachers, administrators, and governing bodies.

Our finest expert investment team reflects the traits of our partners - goal-oriented, committed, open to learning, diverse, and united in their decision-making. Our team leverages their years of experience, detailed research, and industry knowledge to construct an investment portfolio worthy of our stakeholder’s expectations. M3 Investment has been formed to transform companies using sustainable growth and practiced guidance. The more we lead as examples in our business climate, the better we contribute to the future of the industry in India and the global economy at large.






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