When the winds of liberalization swept across India in the early nineties, a few visionary Indian business houses seized the initiative to build global scale and reputation.
The Bilakhia Group was one of them.

Our Story

The journey of Bilakhia Holdings began in the early 1990s during post-economic liberalization in India. We brought together a team of dedicated workers, industry prowess, and expert staff to build and grow global businesses in focused areas of printing inks and crop protection chemicals respectively. The formation helped create new jobs and distribution opportunities in these sectors and further contributed to India's growing economy.

As a group we firmly believe in and implement quality control protocols in every sphere of operations to ensure our products and business prospects exceed the expectations of our stakeholders, partners and customers at large. The need to develop new technologies and solutions has cemented our reputation as one of India's most trusted and sustainable business houses. Since its inception, our continuous focus to deliver the best has fostered partnerships with business giants like Bayer Crop Science and the Huber Group.

Our ability to forge mutually beneficial partnerships and the unique emphasis that we place on developing our R&D has continued to help our company grow. We have a culture of respect and innovation that is highly sought after by stakeholders and businesses alike. This commitment to building lasting relationships is our greatest asset.

Leveraging the new era of technological growth sweeping across India, we have steered to foster our vast resources and creative problem-solving abilities in the areas of Healthcare and Education. We have ascertained that providing solutions to these quintessential sectors substantially improves our communities' lives and the future prospects of its members.

With every new solution, our team of experts discover sustainable processes to ensure its rapid growth. We aim to offer more than a quick fix for the world. We believe in developing unique businesses, structures, and process ecosystems that would improve lives and operate sustainably, so we minimize the toll on local infrastructure at every opportunity.

We have always had and will always remain focused on our strong commitment to our team, customers, and stakeholders by offering innovative, tested, and creating environmentally sustainable solutions with measurable milestones of success.

Values and Purpose

Bilakhia Family, Bilakhia Holdings, Bilakhia Group

Environmental Responsibility

Bilakhia Family, Bilakhia Holdings, Bilakhia Group

Efficient Resource Allocation

Bilakhia Family, Bilakhia Holdings, Bilakhia Group


Bilakhia Family, Bilakhia Holdings, Bilakhia Group

Creative Innovation

Bilakhia Family, Bilakhia Holdings, Bilakhia Group

Mutual Excellence

Our mission

To build durable industry-leading organizations that can adapt, grow, and thrive for generations to come.

To foster an enduring and sustainable organizational culture that benefits the employees, delights customers, rewards shareholders, and contributes to our communities.

To improve the lives of our communities around the world by offering innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions for the challenges we choose to engage.

Bilakhia Family, Bilakhia Holdings, Bilakhia Group