Bilakhia Family, Bilakhia Holdings, Bilakhia Group

After making a significant mark, we at The Bilakhia Group secured a reputation for excellence in India and the rest of the business world; through our own successes, we began to turn our attention to uplifting other valuable companies worthy of support. With this objective, we formed M3 Investment.

Every new entrepreneurial endeavour we invest in, shares the Bilakhia Group’s strong commitment to hard work and efficient capital allocation. They have shown a proven record of leveraging their competitive advantage to reinvest in their own company efficiently and under the guidance of quality leadership. Operating a successful company requires a conscious decision to balance the needs of the community, company, and stakeholders, and we appreciate our unique ability to invest in and grow such a well-developed asset. We enjoy partnering with companies managed by honest and passionate people who respect the value their teams bring to the table. Our investment philosophy is based on four essential pillars and the companies that catch our attention are:

Our finest expert investment team reflects the traits of our partners - goal-oriented, committed, open to learning, diverse, and united in their decision-making. Our team leverages their years of experience, detailed research, and industry knowledge to construct an investment portfolio worthy of our stakeholder’s expectations. M3 Investment has been formed to transform companies using sustainable growth and practiced guidance. The more we lead as examples in our business climate, the better we contribute to the future of the industry in India and the global economy at large.