Our Companies - An Overview
When the winds of liberalization swept across India in the early nineties, a few visionary Indian business houses seized the initiative to build global scale and reputation. The Bilakhia Group was one of them. At the time, we had a fledgling presence in printing inks and crop protection chemicals. We created global size and scale and now have partnerships with two international giants: Hubergroup (the fifth largest printing ink company in the world) and Bayer CropScience (the world's leading agrochemical group). Now, as India enters a new era of growth, the Bilakhia Group has identified healthcare and other new-age businesses as areas of future growth. Our investment arm will also be a key area of focus. In whatever we do, we will stay committed to our shareholders, our people, our customers, the community and the planet. Copyright 2007 Bilakhia Holdings Pvt Ltd.
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